About us

Get sh!t done. Have some fun.

Founded on the thesis that having fun and designing world class digital products shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, Distilled strives to bring some levity to your company culture while executing outstanding UX design.

Founded in
SINCE 2018

But working from anywhere in the world ;)


Here to help the good guys win through delightful UX. Without the nonsense or the bloat.

Take the work seriously, not yourself.

Celebrate the successes of everyone around us

No Bloat: Keep it simple.

Tangible Deliverables: Show don’t Tell.


We’ve worked across the entire product ecosystem, from startups and corporations, to accelerators and investment firms. This blended perspective is why our clients trust us as their product thought partner.

Shubh Singhi
Founder & CEO
Ro Resplendino
Design Lead
Felipe Rosas
Senior Designer
Vanessa Yim
Rachelle Joya-Licup
Project Manager
Nic Rosenthal
Fractional CTO
Robert Covaci
Senior Designer
Anezka Virani
UX Strategist
Andrei Dobre
Project Manager
Armando Ascione