What our clients say

Bob Caruso, David A. Wilson, Tiki Barber
Founding Team, ALTR

We were referred to Distilled Strategy to build the prototype for our platform. Our expectations were to receive a sleek design that we could show potential investors, however our young business gained so much more in the process of working with Sam and Shubh.

Their design process required us to examine all elements of our business strategy, including our audience profile, our content strategy, and user experience. They fundamentally changed our entire business case and product for the better with their vision, strategy and creative ideas.Distilled Strategy leveraged their vast understanding of the market to develop a prototype that would be most effective in raising capital.

As a result, we have brought on 5 new investors in less than two months after working with Distilled Strategy. Collaborating with them was a complete joy and we are eager to find opportunities to collaborate with them again.

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Romeen Sheth
CEO of Metasys, Investor

The Distilled team was critical in developing my vision. They are persistent, detail-oriented and creative; all 3 qualities required from someone who can work with you when an idea is in early formation to someone that can execute alongside you to complete the job. I have worked with a number of designers and marketers over the years; what I appreciate most about the Distilled team is their ability to synthesize the business objective and distill this throughout the project. They don’t lose sight of the big picture and pull out the best in everyone that they work with. I have been so pleased with working with the Distilled team and I have referred them to a number of leading startups and venture capital firms that have since engaged them for strategic support.

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Paul Noble
Founder & CEO, Verusen

The Distilled team brought great structure and ownership to the design sprint and prototype creation process while quickly feeling like an extension of our team.

Jeremy Abrams
Director, Product Design, Anthem (Now Elevance Health)

Distilled’s no-nonsense approach is the real deal. We went from zero to an executional product in warp speed time- Complete with thoughtful strategy, polished branding, and a well crafted user experience. They’ve become our go-to external team for both new product development & overflow assistance.

Joy Fan
Co-Founder & CEO, Re/Tell

I had the great pleasure of building my prototype with Distilled Strategy. The Distilled team makes the process of designing the prototype interactive and fun. Their enthusiasm for my business was to best represent my company and brand through the lens of the end user. Their curiosity for product design was amplified through their diligence in sitting with me on calls to get feedback from our brand partners. As a founder, I find that having a team that is hands on and honest is most important as you want to engage them for their expertise. The Distilled team were pros in every sense and I'm looking forward to working with them on the next phase of our build

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Mitchell Kasselman
Co-Founder & CEO, Ressio Software

Distilled was much more than a designer for our company. They were outstanding problem-solvers and a true partner in every step of the journey. The team listened to our challenges, grasped the context, and created valuable solutions that delighted our customer base.

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Matt Lindenberg
Founder & CEO, Global Conservation Corps

From the first minute of meeting the Distilled Strategy Team, I knew we needed their insights, passion and integrity to bring our product to market. We've had all the components of bringing together an immersive conservation travel experience for some time, but we've lacked the ability to cohesively bring the final offering to market. With the Distilled team driving deep conversations, brainstorming sessions and facilitating live feedback sessions, we collaboratively built the UX, in a fun, efficient and impactful environment. Distilled has an uncanny ability to step into the shoes of the consumer, posing questions and engineering solutions which had never crossed our mind.

Their commitment to the entire process is something I value, as many consultants pull out right before you usually cross the actual finish line. Having a shared interest, passion and fire for biodiversity protection and combating climate change, our values aligned, knowing that what we were building together would create impact for our planet, wildlife, and the next generation.

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Gabriel Khaselev
Co-founder & CTO, Passage Health Inc.

Working with Distilled Strategy has been a game-changer for our company. Their team of experts were excellent partners in helping us design the user experience for our website and mobile app. The final designs are not only visually stunning, but also intuitive and user-friendly, which has led to an increase in engagement and conversions. Despite aggressive timelines and complex industry specific workflows, the design process was smooth and efficient, and Distilled was extremely responsive to our needs and requests.

Throughout demos and onboarding we are constantly receiving positive feedback from our customers about the design and usability of our product, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Distilled truly understands the importance of user centric design in today's digital world, they were able to bring our vision to life in a way that exceeded our expectations. We are grateful for the hard work and partnership of the Distilled team and would highly recommend their services to any company looking to elevate their UI/UX design.

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Jared Kleinart
Co-Founder & CEO, Offsite

As a founder new to the tech world, what I found most compelling working with Distilled was the level of guidance, strategic thinking, and design output I don’t think we would have received with other design shops. Shubh, Sam, and the Distilled team aggressively focused on de-risking our endeavour by helping us prioritize problems to solve for our MVP through workshops and UX research. Then, they produced gorgeous designs and built processes and systems that allowed us to not only communicate confidence in our product for our engineering recruitment, but helped us nail our early sales efforts. Bottom-line, Distilled is worth the investment, even for early stage startups.

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Ian Cohen
Founder & CEO, TARA Education

We engaged Distilled Strategy while building our MVP. As the founder of my company, I have a ton of ideas and a larger vision for where we are trying to go - but I also needed to get my product out the door, generate revenue, and iterate it bit by bit along the way. What is truly great about working with the Distilled team is that they not only understand my position, but they also fully embrace it.

Their preferred style is to pursue a healthy mix of live design work sessions with more traditional sprints and they always have a positive "oh wow that's a cool idea, maybe we could do it this way" type of attitude, before bringing me back down to earth to get our basic user flow right. But from my perspective as a client and a leader, that energy is so critical - especially early on - because it keeps us inspired and thinking and moving forward, knowing that our product is going to keep getting better and better.

The Distilled team’s dedication to simple, intuitive design with just enough brand flair has allowed me to go from wireframes to prototype to product, stay under budget, and land a national contract all in less than 12 months - hard to beat that.

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