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Airx Health

The modern way to manage your pharmacy

Airx health is a cloud-based management software designed with and built for independent pharmacists that is easy to learn and use with features and service to transform pharmacies into modern care providers.

15 Pharmacies

signed based on designs and prototypes pre-Series A, pre-launch

8 weeks

designed MVP complete with design system.


saved in development cost (8 weeks of dev-time) with MVP Strategy

Responsive Table Design

Airx is a cloud-based modern software architecture Pharmacy Management System that doesn’t require on-premise servers and can run on virtually any internet-connected device.

Card Based Workflows

Simplified pharmacy workflows make it easier to find information and automate the collection of data wherever possible.

Integrated POS with Electronic Payments

Airx health’s integrated point of sale system allows pharmacists to safely store and process credit card or ACH payment methods with the click of a button, along with a standard terminal for traditional swipe payments.
Don't take our word for it.

Our business is in a complex industry and we had a fairly daunting product roadmap; but Distilled showed their thoughtfulness and value within the first week. They were able to set up a design language and create and iterate on features based on user feedback quickly. The team was very flexible and adapted to our evolving business needs by providing UX and product perspectives we wouldn’t otherwise consider. The’ve been a great design partner and have accelerated us towards our goals.

William “BK” Kelly

CEO & Co-Founder, AirX

What We Did

UX / UI Design

Dev-ready, pharmacist-centric experience

MVP Prototype

Utilized for sales and user feedback

User Interviews

Product feature discovery

Design System Integration

Built on UI Prep