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Bambi Software

Building AI-powered software for medical transportation providers

Nirav & Charles, co-founders of seed-stage venture-funded Bambi came to us with a clear goal: Make medical transportation software better for tens of thousands of dispatchers and their drivers across the States with a focus on AI. From investor prototypes, pitch decks, to its dev-ready web-app and mobile app, Distilled helped Bambi go from zero to MVP on day one.

$300K CARR

signed based on designs and prototypes pre-Series A, pre-launch

10 weeks

designed MVP completed with design system.

5 weeks

saved development-time with simplifying UX & MVP features

Assign thousands of trips with one click.

Dispatchers save hours in daily logistics planning and better optimize their fleet ( driving more revenue) with a straightforward UI.

Shift & fleet management simplified

Easily assign drivers to shifts and to vehicles. With scalability in mind.

24/7 frictionless updates between driver & dispatcher

A driver-centric mobile experience with a simple task-based flow and night mode.
Don't take our word for it.

In the beginning, the biggest advantage we found working with Distilled was their ability to seamlessly shift back and forth from being UX designers to product strategists. They played a key role in our advisor interviews - knowing the right questions to ask and recognizing insights we sometimes missed. This ultimately helped us close more sales and descope several features from our MVP.The output of the actual designs were also top notch. Since the Distilled team was so entrenched in our product, we didn’t waste much time on revisions. We constantly received a ton of positive feedback regarding how Bambi’s clean and intuitive UX smoked the competition.

Nirav Chheda & Charles Henick

Co-Founders, CEO & CTO, Bambi

What We Did

MVP Prototype

Used for feedback and pre-launch sales

User Research & Interviews

Feedback sessions and feature roadmapping

UX / UI Design

Dev-ready for mobile and web-app

Pitch Deck Development

Investor Prototype