DJ City

A global music discovery ecosystem designed for DJs around the world.

Facing competition from new entrants, DJCity came to Distilled asking, “how do we refresh & update a legacy mobile app and convert trial users the web experience?”

The solution: A suite of products (the web-application, mobile app, and desktop app) reframed as the “DJ Ecosystem,” allowing them to more succinctly message their service while completely revamping the UX/UI to better fit the needs for a new breed of DJs.

79% increase

In monthly active users within one year of redesign

20% decrease

in number of pages to refactor throughout mobile & web-app

11 weeks

Shipped full redesign with design system + ongoing support

Frictionless payment UX to easily convert

From 15 input fields and a confusing confirmation experience to three simple, no-nonsense pages.

Reimagined DJ-centric mobile experience

Designed for use in low-light environments, new contextual empty states and a smoother UX/UI for faster song-version discovery & download.

Minor UX updates, major user wins.

Subtle UX add-ons like a user-account bar gave subscription holders a more personalized & customized feel.
Don't take our word for it.

“Before Distilled, we found ourselves working with designers who fell in love with the idea of creating user interfaces for DJs. With Distilled, we found ourselves working with a team who focused on solving problems for DJs through our app experience. A big and crucial shift in thinking.”

Neil Bharagava


What We Did

MVP Product Strategy

Conducted a design sprint & helped determine roadmap

UX/UI Design

Dev-ready for mobile and webapp

Marketing Site Design

New ecosystem messaging integrated